Rose Support

In 1984 I designed a new support system for my old-fashioned shrub roses In the gardens at Helmingham. Consisting of one central pole 1.2 metres/ 6 feet in length, 10 metal stakes and an 18-metre/60-foot coil of wire, the Helmingham Rose Support provides an informal and natural structure for old-fashioned roses, which tend to be lax and sprawling. Even after heavy rainfall the rose still retains its shape.

What is more, the support also encourages shrub roses to produce a greater profusion of blooms, as, when the new shoots are tied down, sunlight reaches the full length of each stem, enabling growth from top to bottom.

To get the maximum benefit from the support, shrub roses should be at least three years old. There is no upper age limit – all roses three or older should benefit. My supports have now been in position for thirty-five years and have never needed to be replaced.

The Helmingham Rose Support system is available in kit form.